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a quiet kind of Lent February 15, 2013

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So – the previous two posts reviewed way too briefly a short history of Lent – its origins, and the reasons for its absence from most protestant denominations. And now – the third day of Lent already – here it is as simply as I can put it …


Over the course of this Lent I’ll be praying and fasting (a Daniel fast) for your

walk with God to flourish –

for this season – whatever it is for you – to be full to overflowing with God’s presence –

for new revelations about God’s work in you and through you –

for you to find healing –

for you to bask in His love –

for you to find renewed meaning in the imperfect in your life –

and for you to be able to share this movement on God’s part in
your life with those around you.




One Response to “a quiet kind of Lent”

  1. cweber4summit Says:

    Very beautiful picture and wonderful prayer!

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