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preach the gospel at all times – and when necessary use words February 17, 2013

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church-bellI love the mission-statement nature of this little quote from St. Francis of Assisi. It strikes at the heart of where talking about Christ falls short of living like Him – and puts words in their proper place – behind all our other actions.


This little phrase also reminds us of the tall order it really is to live like Christ and gives comfort to all of us who are naturally silver-tongued and eloquent. We needn’t worry that our witness is less for lack of verbage. Rather – may the love of Christ leaking out of us through our actions – I pray – become like a bell
– on which our Christ-like words may resonate.



One Response to “preach the gospel at all times – and when necessary use words”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Very good reminder! Loving that quote!

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