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gritters welcome … cuz we’re all gritters September 5, 2012

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Long before the term “white trash” crept up – my hometown highschool referred to kids existing on the fringe of dropping out, becoming alcoholic/drug addicted – and generally headed for working minimum wage and riding bmx bikes forever as “gritters”. None of us ever thought much about this term – it just was. And there was no greater shame to your teenage honor – than being called a gritter in the halls of the school – within earshot of all your peers.


Imagine my chuckle when years later reading the town facebook page motto I saw “cuz we’re all gritters.”


Now – all teenage existential despair aside – we’re not really all gritters … and yet again we are all truly big, mongo gritty Gritters!! No amount of pursuing this, or praying for that – changes anything. The only hope experiencing more of God’s presence offers anyone – is a glimpse, a faint breeze, and maybe sometimes a lasting image – of something so very not stuck in the muck with all us gritters. That hope in my soul that I can transform – and experience more of God – gives me Life. It puts the posturing, the social-Christianity, the jonesing – and the one-up-man-ship that gets tragically traded in lieu of true community – right in its place. Thank God Jesus loves gritters!


I can’t bear to post a picture of people under a post titled “gritters” – so here’s a pic of my pooch instead. 😀