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Dick Eastman September 20, 2012

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If you have ever wondered how you could possibly spend an hour in prayer – please let me introduce you to Dick Eastman. My discipler put me onto this guy in college – but he has a 12 part prayer method – which looks at 12 different kinds of prayers seen in Scritpure and has you spending 5 minutes in each style of prayer to make up an hour of prayer. The whole idea of an hour comes from Jesus statement to His disciples in the garden – “Could you not pray with me one hour?” (Mark 14:37).


The part about this way of praying for longer periods of time – is the way it incorporates listening and watching into prayer … it immediately points the new prayer-er towards the reality that prayer is far far more than reciting to God a laundry list of needs and wants – but rather it is the front-line in the war of our transformation. Prayer is also where God breathes life into our Spirits – and illuminate for us how He has made us to work with Him in His Kingdom on Earth.  


Actually – the little book that Dick Eastman wrote to teach this prayer method is available for nada mucho these days – and I encourage anyone who’s looking for more ways to spend time in prayer to pick up a copy. It’s as easy to pray a few minutes as it is a few hours with this method – and if you’ve never spent much time focused on listening, watching or meditating – you might find the discussion on how to engage in these practices invigorating. 


2 Responses to “Dick Eastman”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Oh the prayer hour…I should really get back to it I feel like that was an awesome well spent hour for the times I did it…

  2. randommystic Says:

    Let me know if you need a copy! 😀

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