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for a more meditative prayer life … August 31, 2012

Filed under: Christian mysticism — GraceHabit @ 9:53 AM

Not long ago I kept a pretty crazy schedule – loads of work hours, loads of hours on the road – and a whole second job to work when I returned home. In fact – the second job was the one I saw as my “real career”.


One of the greatest evils of that season as I look back on it now is the degree to which the frenetic pace wore away my resolve to meditate, to live in constant prayer and listening-communication with God. As a result of my diminished meditative times combined with a life-style that compelled constant action – there were – flash points – in relationships that I missed. Or if I didn’t miss them completely – I responded with the “wisdom” I had at hand (maybe with what James would call “earthly wisdom” – rather than waiting on the Lord for the wisdom He offers generously and without reproach. Had I done so – it’s possible that at least in some of those situations I could have responded in a way that was more loving, more life-giving and more supportive of the Kingdom of God on earth.


Now – in a very very different season of life – and facing a very wisdom-demanding situation tomorrow – I’m going to make a concerted effort to sit before the Lord in prayer today – so when I have the conversation tomorrow – I can bring less of me/my stuff and more of God’s wisdom, presence, and grace.


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