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an experiment with practical mysticism August 31, 2012

Filed under: Christian mysticism — GraceHabit @ 5:38 PM

Before even 8am rolled around on the clock – a heavy burden settled on my shoulders. Jesus says “cast your burdens on Me” – but with fall here today was packed! What to do??


Yes – the serenity of a hermit-ed mystic’s experience can seem enviable.


I’ll never know – that’s not my calling.


My calling is to lean as hard on God’s presence as I can – and live devoted to Him in the world and for the lost in the world. To even – be efficient in how I order my inner existence before the Lord – so He can prod me into action with no effort … to be a nuts-and-bolts mystic.


Today that meant getting to the business of casting that weighty care on His loving shoulders – not the fetid juices of fear and worry that threatened to rot it into an unwarranted dread steal hope. So – instead of trying to quickly still my soul before Him in this state – I grabbed my pooch and headed for the park. And jogged and jogged – while reciting the Jesus prayer – along a very familiar and very boring path. I’m not at all fit – but the effort burned off my anxiousness – and the sudden disappearance of the stress made it very easy for the Jesus prayer to transition into a trusting release of what I cannot control. By the time the burden was shifted from me to Him – I was shocked by how far we’d gone


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