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walking by faith is like walking by smell August 29, 2012

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Hang with me a second. Yesterday while walking my dog through the marsh – I was meditating on what it means to walk by faith. (2 Cor 5:7) But what does that look like? How do I walk less by sight and more by faith? What area of my life am I walking by faith instead of by sight – and it’s within my grasp to toggle that switch today?


Thinking along these lines was interrupted as my dog (part terrier) yanked as she enthusiastically bolted after some poor thing she aimed to make into a snack. In that moment – I thought “Phoebe walks by smell not faith!” An amusing picture initially – but then it hit me … my dog does walk by smell. Every step of every walk she 100% committed to discovering and exploring smells. Like many dogs – she’d rather smell than see – there’s just so much more information available through smells – so she lives for smells. She’s so oriented to capturing every aroma – she’ll awaken from a sound sleep – as soon as my neighbor lights his grill.


I love being outside for different reasons (let’s hope right!) For me it’s about the beauty, the wildlife – and I will bolt off the trail too – not altogether unlike my dog – to capture a view, a glimpse of wood ducks, or to find berries … While outside – I think it’s fair to say I walk by a passion for nature. Then God brought images to mind of times I’ve let my choices be dictated by fear, pride, bitterness, comfort – and it’s fair to say in those moments I walked by those things … by the sight of them as they appear to my carnal nature – rather than by the Truth (big T) of those things as God sees them. Can I orient myself so – by walking by faith instead of by sight – I’m aware of the greater abundance of information?


Clumsy metaphors might hinder you in your walking by faith – and I can be remarkably dull on very obvious points – but my dog’s commitment to walking by smell stirred up previously unthought ideas on walking by faith.


2 Responses to “walking by faith is like walking by smell”

  1. Isn’t it amazing how the Holy Spirit will touch us at the weirdest moments sometimes? Great blog! It caught my eye because I use several dog comparisons throughout my seminars and this one held truths too. Thanks for writing it. Is that your dog???

    • randommystic Says:

      Thanks ermarrandette1! without the Spirit I’d look like a wind-up toy bumping into the wall. 😀
      No – it’s not my dog – I tend to take awful pix of my photogenic pooch.

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