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could we ever have a church without worship? August 29, 2012

Filed under: Christian mysticism — GraceHabit @ 1:01 PM

I’m not in any way suggesting this. May it never be! I’m just pondering could such a possibility exist? I’ve never walked in a church of any stripe that didn’t have worship in the form of music. I’ve worshiped in Stephansdom in Vienna with the beautifully played ancient pipe organ in the background – and I’ve worshiped in an African hut church of woven banana leaves using a one gallon gas can filled with a handful of dried beans and an old guitar with a semi-disassembled, re-purposed radio modified into a sort of amplifier. It seems our souls don’t just demand worship – we invariably recreate it everywhere believers regularly come together – and frequently when we just spontaneously meet. Worship is that integral to our connection to God.


The last 250 years has been a season of crisis for Christian mysticism. Is it possible this crisis arose in part because the work of mystics isn’t nearly as obvious to the body as that of worship, teaching, service … ? Is it possible that this crisis undermines the over all health of the whole – the same way an absence of communion, or prayer, Bible study would?


It’s interesting to me – that while it’s very difficult to imagine the Buddhists without their monks and monasteries, and difficult to imagine Hindus without their swamis and ashrams – it’s very easy – almost a foregone conclusion – to imagine Christianity without mystics.


Is this actually so much as imagining the body of Christ without a vital organ though?


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