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centering? … anchoring! August 29, 2012

Filed under: Christian mysticism — GraceHabit @ 1:31 PM

Protestant prayer lingo hits now and again on the idea of centering prayer – a prayer, or way of praying that centers and/or re-centers our souls on the call and work of Christ in our lives. And by prayer or way of praying – I speak in a very general sense. Worship can do this. Study can too. Centering most often refers to prayer though.


But – what if it’s not just centering – but also anchoring. As in – fixing us to Christ and His heart – His trans-formative work in our lives? What if it’s even a bonding sort of experience? If I think about centering experiences in this way then it’s easier to imagine what a gift Christian mysticism imparted to Christianity over the centuries – and what spiritual poverty we face in a world where it’s so nearly forgotten.


While certainly all are not called to it – just like I know my church’s worship team will never ring my number looking for help (and they are right! trust me!!) – maybe for those whom God has gifted to relate and speak on this matter – it’s just as important for them to flex their spiritual muscles along these lines as it is to keep encouraging amazing worship, substantial exegesis, and accessible teaching. Maybe it’s time to create and encourage access to this pursuit of God.


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