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resources galore! August 27, 2012

Filed under: Christian mysticism — GraceHabit @ 4:43 PM

It’s 11am and it’s entirely possible to download between now and lunch more words – written, sung and spoken – than I can muster a will to process in the remainder of my life – even if I were to live to a very ripe age. Such is the wealth of words and works written by mystics of all stripes from every moment in history/corner of the globe. Maybe it would be a worthy way to spend at least some of my time. It’s not for lack of information that I’m blogging – it’s for repentance from a squandering of opportunity up until now.


Rather – I’d rather master the business of letting God lead me Himself – if He wishes – than master the business of absorbing copious amounts of data. And I’d rather actually experience what it is to live in union with God and His Presence than read about others doing so.


Despite all the misconceptions, suspicions and creepy-spooky-bla-bla-bla – the fundamental pursuit is an ultimate abandon of self to His limitless transformation and commitment to His presence.


So – if you came here – looking for experienced words from wise people – my apologies. Abundant resources on this topic exist – on-line, in your library, and right in front on you in your church, among your friends. This experiment offers no wisdom – I haven’t got that – just a willingness to walk this path in plain sight.


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