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why random? August 26, 2012

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So – discussing this little experiment with a friend and the question came up of why use the word random in the title of this blog. Sure – random can connote a wandering from topic to topic – but even more importantly random implies … “any”. As in any old. Random suits better than generic – because there’s too much of a “low quality” flavor to the word generic. There is an exact opposite flavor going on here from the terms unique or exceptional. Not only do I have no expertise in these things – only a longing to grow – but frankly – I’m not sure how you measure extraordinary qualities when it comes to mysticism. Those who are most fluid and compelling with their words could be most misleading – or not – and I am quite concerned about possibility of flying off the rails – but greatly comforted by the clarity and purity of passion to know Him and Him only in this pursuit.


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