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a political season pledge … August 22, 2012

Filed under: Christian mysticism — GraceHabit @ 6:14 AM

So how about let’s just drop the toying with small potatoes and all this talk about mysticism … let’s go seriously over the edge.


You can join me if you want to – but you don’t have to. I’m doing this no matter – because that’s just how unhinged this is.


You’re my friend, my family member – my loved one. I don’t care what party you are or are not – I’m not only going to offer lip service and just mumble I love you – but love you for real and in deed and actually respect you regardless. I won’t blab behind your back. I won’t call you or your views names. This isn’t because I’m just refusing to do retaliate, slander and tongue-lash publicly but especially privately. This isn’t because I don’t have views on government, the economy, foreign policy etc. And I’m holding out rosie optimism that Politics will stop being muddy. No one even knows I’m making this pledge – it’s just between you and me – and it’s all because the brown-skinned, brown-eyed, calloused-handed, homeless, wandering mystic Savior I love didn’t even slam a Samaritan woman’s political views – even as she threw them in His face (and in His day – that really threw everyone). How can I say I love Him and attempt to lovingly follow Him and treat anyone worse? Jesus’ own disciples ran a far wider and wilder political spectrum than you could find on any single church pew in the entire red and blue US … and while they may have fought plenty – there are no Sunday-school craft projects making that point – and that is my point.


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