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Mystic – really? August 17, 2012

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Okay – that’s a fair question – and here’s the beginning of what I hope will be a very very long conversation on the topic.


I love sitting alone, quiet before God – and the older I get – the longer I feel I am capable of sitting for longer and longer periods of time. Due to schedule limitations – the longest period I’ve spent alone with God is 10 days. On day 10 of that particular trip – I only wished for another 10 or even 20 days. It seems likely that at some point in my future – I will find a way to spend months sitting alone with God. The state achieved in one’s soul by such a long period of solitude and contemplation is profoundly mystical – and time spent exploring the truths perceptible only in this state is time well spent indeed. Our most potent vices and most puzzling struggles unravel if not dissipate into a space of non-relevance. In the mystical space created by extended periods of solitude and contemplation – God’s Love and Truth are paramount and insecurities, worries, burdens, weaknesses, etc. – seem to fade away. They surely still exist – because once the space of quiet and contemplation is over – then these things rush back in – but with a caveat … you are conscious that they do not have to … and there you can practice your skills at stepping out of these God-space killers.


Anyway – the bulk of my experiences on this matter are practical – I can really only speak to what I have actually done and felt. I’ve spent relatively little time researching other mystics. Why? Because like you I’m really busy. In fact – for 8 years I worked two full-time jobs. Yep – 80 hours a week – every week of the school year. For about 4 years I worked 80 hours a week about 48 out of 52 weeks a year. Also – I am an extravert. You may have assumed mystics, and those who love mystical practices must all be introverts. Maybe most of them are? I was quite surprised to discover just how much I crave creating a mystic space in which to approach God.


Among other things – I hope in this Blog to explore useful mystics to read and more ways to experience mysticism personally.


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