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James doesn’t get any love August 17, 2012

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So why is it – that more Christians don’t get excited about the book of James? I mean – I get why Paul’s so popular – he joined absolutely every after-school, extra-curricular activity Jerusalem High School ever offered. Everyone in school had been in some activity with him – and remembered some rant, joke or prank he played. But let’s be honest – at some point Paul’s brilliance lost every single one of them. He was the class genius and overwhelmingly voted “most likely to write over half of the next religion’s primary text” – but nobody knew what he was talking about half the time.


James on the other hand was so down to earth that even today you can still hear his flannel shirt thinning at the elbows, and feel the duct-tape he used to hold his pen together. Paul was definitely the apostle you’d call to postulate some finer point of theology, but James would’ve been the one you’d call next and say “So – how do I actually do that?


I dunno – maybe James just had lousy marketing? Maybe it’s because Luther couldn’t stand his book? No matter. I love James. The whole book is so deeply pragmatic that you can hardly read it and not come away clearer how to have faith, how to grow your faith, how to shape up and fly straight – damn it!


So – next time I’m reading through anything by Paul – and find myself starting to shake, drool, and my brain to cramp – I’m going to stop, drop, and roll through James and get my feet back under me.


Thanks James.


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