welcome to the disparate musings of a Christian-existential-zen-wanderer on the fringes of everything in pursuit of God

Hello world! August 17, 2012

Filed under: Christian mysticism — GraceHabit @ 3:36 PM

So – you’re a very brave soul aren’t you? Good on you for stopping by. Come again – it’ll probably be something very different (in about any meaning of that word) – mostly because it just seems beyond me to settle on any one thing. Posts here will range from snarky to sensitive on topics ranging from politics to gardening (but probably mostly God-related stuff) and who knows what else. I am actually deeply Christian and spiritual (and maybe a little ADD)- and existential and wildly curious about all sorts of stuff – but also very interested in growing a community of people here there and everywhere who will generously share their brilliance and in sharing their pearls of wisdom – toss out to me – as it were – a virtual life-preserver pulling me out of my crazy, crazy randomness.

So – thanks!!


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